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Walk into a gym and say the name Blaine Wilson... I dare you. For 14 years now, the name has been on the national scene, for 14 years now, other athletes have looked to the name, for 14 years now, Blaine Wilson has dominated USA Gymnastics.

13-Time US National Team Member, 5-time US National Champion, 5-time American Cup Champion, 3-time Olympic team member, 3-time World team member, 1998 Goodwill Games All-Around Bronze Medalist, & 2004 Olympic Silver Medalist.

After numerous shoulder injuries, many ruled Blaine out in his quest for an Olympic Medal, but nothing could stop him. After loosing a child, and watching another grow, Blaine's whole attitude to the sport changed. No longer was he the bad boy of gymnastics, he was the experienced one that everyone looked to. So as the 2004 Olympic Year began, everyone looked to Blaine to show them how it's done. In February a torn biceps, almost crushed Blaine's Olympic Dreams, but he had worked to hard to give up now. Blaine fought back against what many thought was impossible, he came through and made the Olympic Team. In Athens, Blaine was out to win a medal, not for himself, but for his country. He did just that. With his team they won the first Olympic Medal since 1932 in a non boycotted Olympics, Silver.

Although Blaine had announced that his career would be ending after the 2004 Olympic Games, you won't find him away from the gym just yet. After touring with the Rock 'n' Roll Tour, Blaine decided to give it one more year. As he retired the week before the USA National Championships fans thought Blaine was finished. Yet in November of 2006 after a rough divorce with his wife Blaine has turned his life around and returned to Ohio to train again and announced that he will be returning to the sport of gymnastics.

We are here to give you updates and continue in support of Blaine as he searches for a fourth Olympics.